Why we love organic pima cotton

With its breathability, strength and ease of care, it’s no wonder that cotton is the world’s most important non-food agricultural product. Yet only 1% of the cotton grown worldwide is organic.


Why should we care about organic cotton? Organic cotton is much better for our planet, the farmers that grow it and ourselves that wear it, which is why we choose to only use organic pima cotton to clothe our most delicate of areas.



What is organic pima cotton? 


Pima cotton (Gossypium barbadense) is a natural fiber, meaning that it comes from a plant, and is considered to be the ‘cashmere of cotton’ -  luxurious and superior blend of cotton. Pima cotton is native to Peru and known for its “Extra-Long Staples” (ELS), that these cotton fibers are much longer than conventional cotton making it more durable and resistant to frays, tears and wrinkles. With less fiber ends exposed on the fabric surface, there is less friction between the skin and fabric. Think less scratch and more smooth.


Organic pima cotton is also more resistant to pilling, retaining its color much better and ages slower (making our garments last much longer!) than conventional cotton. We also choose organic because of the greater benefits it has for mother earth - using 87% less water and creates 45% less CO2 than conventional cotton.






The ugly truth about conventional cotton 


90% of the entire world’s supply of cotton is composed of common upland cotton. This conventional cotton is controversial from an ethical point-of-view, as it poses significant health risks to everyone involved - the workers, factories and surrounding communities. It also requires significant amounts of water, land and synthetic chemicals and can result in lower quality textiles that irritate the skin and don’t last as long.



3 reasons to love organic pima cotton over conventional cotton


1. Ultra breathability keeps you comfortable 

Organic pima cotton is naturally hypoallergenic so it won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin types which is why we trust it’s the best material for our underwear. It’s also super breathable and sensitive to body temperature so it holds warmth when it gets cold and wicks away moisture when it gets hot -  you’re always comfortable. Unlike oil-based synthetic fabrics that trap heat and moisture, this is a guarantee you’ll always feel free down there.



2. Cleaner for the environment

With the absence of harmful chemicals, this is better for the health of farmers, hand-pickers and clothing wearers. Our farm in particular has implemented a number of regenerative farming practices in comparison  to those used in commercial farming, including: crop rotation, intercropping (planting complementary crops together), non-chemical weed removal (by hand or machinery), the use of mulch and beneficial predatory insects (to control pests in the area).Organic pima cotton is also grown in limited quantities, so what is grown is only what is needed. Soil and water quality is also preserved through the avoidance of genetically modified (GMO) seeds and synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.


3. Empowers the supply chain

Farming materials for textiles is often a source of local employment in rural growing areas where large corporations take advantage of their unethical labor laws and lack of safety regulations. With our organic and fair trade certified pima cotton, farmers are employed in safer and ethical work conditions, better empowered and receive fairer compensation.



How to choose organic cotton 


Look for Reputable Certifications

We only choose to use materials that have the best impact on our planet. Our organic pima cotton underwear is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), USDA organic, fair trade, non-GMO, vegan and certified compostable.


Look for Quality 

We love Peruvian cotton because it is one of the finest and softest cottons in the world. Our organic pima cotton is grown and handpicked in the northern coastal valleys of Peru - the optimal growing environment with its rich soil quality and ideal climate. So our underwear is not just super natural and ultra comfortable, it also supports the people and communities at its source.




We’re committed to only choosing the highest quality of natural and sustainable fabrics and materials that meet our strict environmental standards so we can keep doing good for our soil, water, air and our bodies. We also believe that what we take from nature must return to nature - learn more about our commitment to compostability and sustainability innovation on here.