in conversation with: Dayna Franze

Where are you based? 

Squamish, British Columbia 🇨🇦



Yourself, in a sentence? 

A fun loving dreamer that wants nothing more but to contribute in helping to protect our planet.



A plant, tree, flower or natural object you love to give as a gift? 

A money tree because I’m a true believer that when your money tree is thriving so is good fortune in your life. My money tree once completely died when I was overwhelmed with stress and when I changed a few things in my lifestyle, it came back like magic! So I love giving them as gifts and hope that it can work its magic on my friends the same way it did for me.


Money tree in pot shot in front of a rock background.



A moment in your life that inspired you to start Ajora and start researching how to live more sustainably? 

Honestly it was 2010 and I was watching a new documentary called how the universe works (I’m a bit of a space nerd). It inspired me to really think about our planet and how we as humans have a huge responsibility to protect it. From then on, I spent my days searching for more sustainable ways to live. A few years ago, I was just getting so frustrated with the fashion industry and the lack of transparency withinit. I wanted to come up with a way for consumers to buy new clothes but not contribute more to the problem and that’s when I came up with the idea for Ajora.



What is one of your nature escape(s)? 

Honestly I feel so blessed living in such a beautiful town surrounded by mountains, ocean and rainforest that I literally try every day to get out and explore around my home.


Vancouver landscape featuring luscious trees and lake while covered in fog.



What is one daily action we can take to help restore mother earth? 

I think if we all took one extra minute to think before making a new purchase “do I really need this item or do I own something similar already” we could cut our impact on climate change down significantly. Also, I’m a big believer that if you just take one minute out of your day to research the product name before purchasing it to make sure it’s ethically made and sustainably produced, we could really start to see a big change in the world!