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Meet the world's first verified compostable underwear. Introducing 100% organic, plant-based and plant-able briefs that are made by nature and designed to return to nature in 90 days. Our plant-based designs mean old briefs will return back to earth as a resource when composted or planted, feeding the soil and growing new plants (or future pants).

LA Compost Verified

We collaborated with LA Compost to put our briefs to the test. The first underwear in the world to be officially compost tested, our briefs went into LA Compost's composting center just outside of downtown LA - and disappeared in only 90 days.


Our 100% plant-based designs return old briefs back to earth as a resource when composted or planted, feeding the soil and growing new plants (or future pants). It’s a new kind of circular system designed from the earth and back again.

how to #plantyourpants

Divert waste from landfill and create future soil for our planet to thrive. Plant your pants in 3 simple stepsw hen they've run their course:

1) Cut up washed briefs into small pieces

2) Pop fabric pieces in your compost

3) Celebrate a new beginning for your briefs

Don't have access to a compost? Find your local composter here. Be sure to ask in advance if they'll accept 100% organic cotton briefs.

learn how to plant your pants

compostable & recyclable packaging

From packaging to product design, we've put thought into every detail along the way to maintain our super natural materials - only using plant-based and renewable materials.

85% of textiles today are made from plastic fibers (spandex, nylon, elastane) - especially underwear. And a whopping 11M pounds of underapparel and underwear go into landfills and incinerators every day in the USA. Plus, underwear is the only apparel category we can’t donate or resell.

Why we love composting... it requires:

x No energy

x No carbon footprint (shipping)

x No chemicals


☀️ sun

💧 water

🌱 and worms

join our compost club

Fashion's first compost take-back program. Whether you have access to a compost or not, join our mission to help save the earth, one super natural basic at a time. Join the Club and we'll compost briefs past their prime on your behalf.

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