plant your pants (and this postcard!)

After April showers, come May flowers. We're celebrating spring with a limited run of seeded postcards included with every KENT order. Just as our briefs are plant-able (compostable) underwear, this postcard can be planted to grow new life through soil. 


How to plant this card ,and watch wildflowers grow...

  1. soak card overnight in water
  2. cover lightly with soil
  3. place in the sun and water daily
  4. welcome wildflowers !

*Germination time is 1-3 weeks.


Our postcards are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and embedded with non-GMO annual and perennial wildflower seeds.


Share photos of your wildflowers by tagging us on instagram @wearkent.


Looking to Plant Your Pants? View our compost club guide here.