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We make our briefs out of 100% organic and plant-based materials, which means they are plant-able (compostable) when their time is up. When you’re finished with your old undies, pop them in a compost to fully biodegrade, become nutrients and turn into soil superfood. You’ll help divert landfill waste and close the loop, helping to save the earth, one super natural basic at a time.

Plant Your Pants in 1-2-3

1) Cut up washed briefs into small pieces

2) Pop fabric pieces in your compost

3) Celebrate a new beginning for your briefs

Don't have access to a compost?

Join our Compost Club, and we'll compost your KENT briefs when you are finished wearing or wearing them out. Join here.


Want to learn more about our commitment to being super natural? Check out our materials page.

Don't forget your KENT packaging! All elements of our packaging are plant-based, recyclable and compostable.

why plant your pants?

85% of textiles today are made from plastic fibers (spandex, nylon, elastane) - especially underwear. And a whopping 11M pounds of underapparel and underwear go into landfills and incinerators every day in the USA. Plus, underwear is the only apparel category we can’t donate or resell.

Why we love composting... it requires:

x No energy

x No carbon footprint (shipping)

x No chemicals


☀️ sun

💧 water

🌱 and worms