5 ways to have a sustainable mother’s day

Mother’s day is just around the corner and we promise you don’t have to compromise mother earth to celebrate your own. Here are 5 eco-friendly tips to celebrate Mum!


Choose a Plant over Flowers

Sending flowers always seems like a great idea but they wilt and die after a couple of weeks. If you must, the most sustainable tip when it comes to buying flowers is shopping from a local florist and asking for a bouquet of flowers that are grown locally or are currently in-season. Make a more permanent addition in your Mom’s home with a potted plant instead. They will last infinitely longer with some tender love and care while also helping to clean air inside the home.


Create an Herb Garden

The start of spring is the perfect time to help your Mom get her garden started. Choose herb varieties that you know your Mom will love: Does she like to cook with fresh basil? Add mint to her tea? Garnish meals with cilantro or parsley? Test your DIY skills by following along with this tutorial or find the perfect one here.


Cook a Farmer’s Market Meal Together

Spend some time with your Mom choosing local produce and artisanal goods at your nearby farmer’s market. Local and in-season produce can minimize your carbon emissions, the likelihood of pesticides used on the crops and they’ll be so much more fresh and flavorful. By staying in and cooking a meal, you can avoid excessive waste from single-use takeout containers. Plus, you can spend time quality together cooking a delicious meal! Top it off with a nature walk at a local trail, park or just around your neighbourhood.


Pamper with an All-Natural Spa Day

Bring the spa home to mom with a curated gift box of non-toxic and earth-friendly skincare products for the ultimate spa day treat. We love these thoughtfully curated boxes from Earth Hero but you can easily DIY and customize a box catered towards your mom. Look for items like a candle, clay face mask, bath salt, lotion and more skincare and body treats from reputable, sustainable brands such as Eco Roots or BLK + GRN.

Consider pairing your skin treats with some earth friendly treats, like natural wine, organic tea or fair trade chocolates.


Elevate Her Top Drawer

For the sustainable-oriented Mum, organic cotton is an ideal choice for apparel, but what’s better? We love organic pima cotton. Known as the cashmere of cotton, organic pima is the most luxurious (and eco-friendly) fabric available. Gift a Trio of your Mum’s favourite styles (shop KENT briefs here!) for the ultimate softness, comfort and breathability.