Little Love Seeds by KENT ~ portulaca grandiflora

As part of our journey to restoring mother earth, we're including a packet of super natural 'wild roses' seeds with orders of our limited edition blush rose colored briefs.


For Valentine's Day 2021, our seeds are the tough flowering Portulaca Grandiflora, or Wild Roses. Also known as the Moss Rose, Sun Rose or Rock Rose, these beauties come in bright colors and look like little mini roses. They are quite easy to grow and best to start indoors and in springtime.

We love Portulaca's for their paper-like petals, succulent-like leaves and ease of growing.



How to Grow Your Wild Roses

These seeds are small but mighty! Ideally plant them indoors, unless your forecast calls for a week of no rain or wind (and good sun). Fill a small to medium size planter with soil, and sprinkle the tiny seeds on the surface.

~ Light: The seeds will germinate in temperatures of 70F or higher. Place your pot in full sunlight to help the seeds thrive.

~ Soil: These plants are not too picky on soil conditions, though do need well-drained soil. Make sure the soil used is not too hard or compact (if it is, mix in a light compost).

~ Water: Water the seeds daily with a mist setting until germination happens (they start to sprout). Pro tip: make it a part of your morning ritual...  mist while you sip your morning coffee.


Germination and Growth:

These paper rose seeds will begin to sprout in as little as 7 to 10 days after you plant them. They will grow to about 3-6 inches tall, but can grow up to 14 inches wide (depending on the pot or area they're planted). 

If you choose to plant outside, you can space the flowers 8 to 12 inches apart from each other.


These stunning paper like flowers will bloom and beautify your space all summer long.



We'd love to see your progress and creations! Tag us @wearkent or with hashtag #supernatural



*seeds shipped with orders delivered in the united states, while supplies last