5 Simple Sustainable Starts to the New Year

If you’re looking to sustainably start the new year, we’ve got you covered! We’ve handpicked 5 of our favorite, beautifully designed products for each room of the home. They are all mother earth approved, non-toxic products that reduce waste are sustainably packaged, and better for our bodies and our planet. 


for your laundry room: biodegradable dedtergent by Dedcool

Go the extra mile to make your laundry routine the perfect compliment to your ethical fashion choices. We’re obsessed with Dedcool for their line of uni-sex, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic scents and their naturally chic edge.

Dedcool’s Dedtergent - a 100% biodegradable, environmentally conscious detergent naturally sourced from plant materials - is the cleanest way to wash your clothes, sheets and delicates whether that’s by hand or machine. Dedtergent is available in 3 signature scents and comes in a resealable, recyclable aluminum package.

Considering that our skin absorbs 64% of what we put on our bodies, we love Dedcool for their use of ingredients that aren’t harmful to our body or the planet. You’re guaranteed to love Dedcool’s scents that also are available in fragrance or candle. Layer your freshly washed Dedtergent clothing with their fragrance and or burn a candle in your home.

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for your home office: reusable, collapsible cups from stojo

Meet your new favorite go-to cup for all your hot and cold drinks. Stojo is known for its reusable and collapsible container design that helps to save thousands of disposable cups a year. A single Stojo cup saves 16 lbs of solid waste, 23 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions and 281 gallons of water annually.

Stojo is committed to designing earth-conscious products that are made to last and with the safest materials - bringing more to life than what they take away. We love their line of beautifully minimal and conveniently designed products.

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for your kitchen: sustainable snacks by Sun & Swell 

For all your pantry needs, Sun & Swell makes the organic, sustainably sourced snacks of our dreams. All of their products are organic, plant-based, gluten-free and free of added sugars, preservatives and flavors that come in compostable packaging delivered through sustainable shipping practices.

We love that Sun & Swell are not just committed to creating delicious treats but also focus on putting people and the planet first. They even offer a Send-Back program - return any of their used compostable bags so they can be properly composted!

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for your bathroom: clean, plant-based skincare by june

You don’t need to compromise glowing skin for your sustainable goals. June’s clean, plant-based skincare is made from ethically sourced ingredients that is crafted for overall wellness.

We love that June uses ingredient sourcing processes that support living wages and local economics while also preserving the biodiversity within local agriculture. Their bottles are designed to last and forego the contribution to the 120 billion units of packaging produced annually in the cosmetics industry.

Their full spectrum help extract, included in every bottle, is organically grown and may help decrease inflammation. Or try their facial oil for hydration, balance and to brighten your skin complexion.
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for your wardrobe: organic underwear by KENT

Simplify your underwear drawer with KENT’s organic cotton briefs. Take care of your most delicate areas - these pieces are always soft on your skin and just as gentle on our planet. Made with 100% organic pima cotton, zero synthetics and 100% compostable - designed to return to nature as a resource (rather than end up in landfill).

Sustainability is at the core of everything KENT does. Our cotton is sourced through regenerative farming practices that help to reverse climate change and uses 85% less water than conventional cotton. Plus, we use compostable packaging and are committed to carbon neutral shipping practices.

We’re committed to saving the planet one super natural basic at a time.

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