Plastic-free and Ponytail Palms with Stacy Grace

Where are you based?

Los Angeles.

How would you describe yourself, in a sentence?

A Canadian living in LA on a mission to help save the planet one super natural brief at a time.


A plant, tree or flower you have in your home?

We have a Ponytail Palm in our living room and it is one of my all time favorite trees. It has such a friendly aura about it, and gives our front window a pretty pop of green. I love its long curly leaves that fall with such ease. And, it also was given to us by the former owners of our home, so we feel that it belongs here. 


Stacy Grace, founder of KENT organic pima cotton underwear made in los angeles

Where do you look for inspiration?

Often times inspiration comes from my personal experiences in everyday life, or speaking with friends and family. I also love nonfiction books and documentary films that share the stories of artists, musicians, athletes and their journeys. Nature is always a constant source of inspiration from my own backyard to little pockets of undiscovered beauty in places that I hope to travel to soon (once it’s possible to safely do so!).

What does sustainability / conscious living mean to you?

Living lightly. I avoid overconsumption as much as possible, and investing in pieces that will stand the test of time. The ease of small businesses today makes this so much more possible and accessible! It also means taking a moment to see how we can have a positive impact through simple everyday actions. I’m always asking - how can we do more good, not just less bad?


What is one of your go-to nature escape(s)?

These days it is our backyard. It is a work in progress, though I love the ivy leaves that climb our walls, that we can compost in the city, and planning for a garden this spring. I also take time for a walk or run every morning, to start things off on the right foot.


What is one daily action we can take to help restore mother earth?

Avoid all plastic. From single use grocery bags (opt for reusable ones instead) to our clothes (washing synthetic materials releases micro-plastics into our water streams). Once I started taking note of all the spots plastic showed up in my life, I was stunned and realized how much better I felt in making the shift. And now that we’re at home for most of the day, it is easier than ever.


What is your go-to brief style?

High-waist! It’s my go-to every morning and I feel so happy when I see them in my underwear drawer :)

Stacy Grace, founder of KENT organic pima cotton underwear