Debunking common underwear myths

#1. Sleeping commando is the healthiest option


100 percent organic cotton underwear made from organic pima cotton.




Sleeping commando is healthy since you’re letting your flora and fauna breathe to the best of its natural ability. But if sleeping sans your underwear is not your cup of tea, sleeping in a pair of organic cotton underwear is almost as good as sleeping without any at all.

Organic cotton underwear is particularly the best option to sleep in since conventional cotton fibres are inhibited by the added toxic chemicals. Similarly, synthetic underwear don’t have the ability to circulate air at all since they’re composed from petrochemicals and other harmful plastic-like materials that prevent breathability.


#2: You should only change your underwear once a day


High-waist cute cotton underwear. 




Although the general rule of thumb is that you should change your underwear once a day, depending on how active your lifestyle is, that number could go up to decrease your risk of infection. Don’t forget to put on a fresh pair of underwear before going to bed at night, after exercising, or after a shower, instead of keeping on the pair you’ve worn all day. If you shower in the morning, this might be two pairs daily for you.


Just like how you would change out of your sweaty workout clothes, changing into a fresh pair of underwear after exercising will help to keep things feeling clean and comfortable. Odor can build up overtime, even if we don’t notice it ourselves (we all have a natural “nose blindness” developed towards our own body odors), so this minimizes any change of smells or unpleasant odors developing. Similarly to when sweat or oils sit too long on the skin of our face or rest of our body, it can clog pores and lead to breakouts.


The accumulation of bacteria in our underwear depends on the activities we’re engaged in throughout the day (increased activity = more sweating = increased bacteria). By changing daily, you can prevent the buildup of bacteria, sweat and moisture, all of which can lead to uncomfortable skin irritations or infections.


#3: Thongs can cause infections

 Bikini, thong and high-waist style organic cotton underwear pack.




Thongs might not necessarily be the exact cause for infections, but it does cause chafing and irritation that can lead to infections. It’s important to look at what material your thong is made of. Synthetic underwear can be scratchy and abrasive against the skin but natural fibres (organic cotton, silk) are inherently soft against the skin and lets everything breathe down there.


#4: You shouldn’t wear underwear to work out

 Bikini style synthetic free cotton underwear worn by the pool.




To stay as comfortable as you can be, it’s important to prevent friction between your skin and the fabric you lay against it. To prevent chafing, you’re going to want something that’s extremely breathable.


Organic cotton is naturally breathable and can absorb excess moisture, preventing irritation and build-up of bacteria that can lead to yeast infections. Synthetics (think: nylon, polyester or spandex) try to mimic these characteristics (but fall short due to its chemical composition) and conventional cotton is full of toxic chemicals.


#5: Cotton is the best fabric for underwear

 GOTS certified organic cotton underwear worn in nature.




The vagina is the most absorbent part of the body, so it’s important to choose clothing that are free from excessive (and harmful) chemicals. Be on the lookout for organic cotton specifically. Conventional cotton just isn’t the same as its organic counterpart. Organic cotton has the natural ability to keep your flora and fauna happy by preventing excess moisture and heat from developing -- conditions that yeast thrives in -- which could lead to irritation, rashes and infections.


It’s not just healthier for your body, but also for the planet. Organic cotton is free of harsh chemicals and pesticides that you would find in regular cotton or synthetic underwear. Plus, farming organic cotton crops uses less water, contributes less carbon emissions and creates a safer working environment for farmers.


And overall, organic cotton underwear is higher quality in its natural fibres, naturally hypoallergenic against our sensitive skin and feels so much more comfortable!



Put these myths to the test with our KENT 100% GOTS certified organic cotton underwear and you’ll feel the cashmere soft difference.


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