What does “clean” underwear mean?

Good. Clean. Underwear.

When we say “clean” underwear, we don’t mean a freshly washed pair of knickers. Think clean beauty. In recent years there has been a rise of clean products and ingredients in the beauty industry which celebrate products that don’t contain any harmful ingredients for us or the planet. Similar to clothing, clean fashion (including underwear) are pieces made from non-toxic materials start to finish – from chemicals used in growing crops, color dyes, materials woven, and even residues encountered along the way.


Why we should all be wearing “clean” underwear

While organic food is in its heyday with articles touting the benefits, it’s still rare to hear any discussions on how clothing affects our bodily health. From making the switch to eating organic to using non-toxic products in our everyday lives, what about when it comes to the clothing we wear? Especially those pieces that sit next to our skin? With our skin as the largest organ of our body, it will absorb whatever we put on, into our bodies.


Better for our environment... 

Conventional cotton is an incredibly thirsty plant – taking about 360 gallons of water to grow enough to make a single pair of underwear. It also requires the use of many herbicides and chemical fertilizers which ultimately end up contaminating water sources.


...and better for our bodies.

We’re used to seeing the ingredients list and nutrition facts on the back of food items, but clothes don’t come with an as convenient list to show us exactly what we’re putting on. With over 8,000 synthetic chemicals used in fashion manufacturing – most of which contain known carcinogens and hormone disruptors – it’s crazy that these are rarely disclosed. In the past, traditional lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret has come under fire with multiple lawsuits for excessive levels of formaldehyde found in their lingerie. The effect it can have on our body can range from skin allergies, discomfort and rashes to disrupting our endocrine systems and cause hazardous health conditions.


What makes KENT underwear “clean”

100% organic

The skin works to keep your body healthy by discharging up to 1lb of toxins every day. Petrochemical fibers – synthetics like nylon and polyester – suffocate the skin, emit harmful chemicals while you sweat and restrict the toxin-releasing process.

We only use 100% organic pima cotton to let your body do its thing to keep you comfortable. Your skin needs to breathe – including in your most delicate areas!


100% non-toxic

Conventional cotton accounts for ¼ of worldwide insecticide use and can easily be transferred from soil to the eventual fabric fibers. Plus, there’s a slew of toxic synthetic chemicals that are traditionally used in every stage of garment production. Considering that body heat and sweating can increase the absorption of these toxic chemicals into the skin, we avoid using any of these completely.


100% plastic-free (and micro-plastic free)

We avoid synthetics, even in our elastics and trimming as to not take more from the planet than what’s necessary to make each pair of underwear. You also won’t need to worry about tiny pieces of plastic shedding in the wash and ending up in our waterways.


100% vegan

No animal products (or by-products!) here. It’s not necessary to harm any earthly creatures to make our underwear.


100% plantable (biodegradable and compostable)

Our briefs work overtime – even after they’re done serving their purpose, they go right back to the earth to regenerate the soil and make the planet just a little better of a place. From the earth, back to earth - a new kind of circular design solution for fashion.



We love clean underwear because it’s easy on the skin and environment. And in building awareness, we can limit our exposure to things that cause harm and instead focus on those that are good for our body and our planet.