Sustainable swaps and shops with Makenzie Grace

Where are you based?

I'm currently based in San Diego, California and feel lucky every day to live in a place with access to beautiful trails and beaches. During the warmer months, I try to get in the water a few times a week to swim or surf.


Yourself in a sentence?

Hard to string together a sentence but a few words might be - passionate, sensitive, hopeful, creative, energetic, connected-to-nature ;)


What are some of your favourite tips to someone starting the sustainable fashion journey?

In a world where our collective climate crisis anxiety is so real and oftentimes overwhelming, I try to look at sustainable fashion as a positive and fun outlet that allows us to make personal thoughtful changes in our life.

My biggest tip would be to try and have fun with the endless possibilities that sustainable fashion brings. Reusing what already exists by buying secondhand opens up a doorway to vintage pieces, allowing you to time travel back to different moments in fashion history.

Other fun options are repairing and altering pieces you already own to give them new life, swapping clothes with friends, and allowing yourself to open up to new styles and fun ways of self-expression.


What is The Good Loop and what inspired you to start it?

The Good Loop is an eco-minded community clothing swap pop-up event in San Diego, California (and hopefully one day other parts of the world). Our ethos centers around sustainability, inclusivity, and giving back to our community in need. I believe swapping clothes is the most sustainable shopping option when it comes to sustainable fashion!

Together we aim to close the clothing loop by sharing and swapping clothes from our closet with one another to prevent tons of materials from going into the landfill. I believe TGL is the only space in our community that provides free gently loved clothes provided by our participants to anyone and everyone.

Our next event is in Oceanside on October 17th at The Rising Co. All you're asked to do is bring up to 10 items to swap and you're free to shop the racks and take home whatever you like, for free! All excess items will be donated to our local houseless community.


Makenzie Grace wearing KENT organic cotton underwear made in usa.  


What are one or two lessons you’ve learned since launching?

That our community is incredibly interested in ways to shop sustainably while also connecting to other like-minded people! In a way, I feel I am simply creating the space and the community's presence, attitude and swapping brings it to life.

This event could not happen without the community. It's more than just a shopping event, it's a space where we can feel like we're giving back to one another, breathing life back into our closets and modes of self expression and connecting to each other.


An everyday sustainability hack you love?

My partner and I often pick up trash on our daily dog walks on the beach. It's as easy as it sounds and in addition to helping clean our beaches I think it's a reminder to other beach-goers that they too can make an impact by doing the same.


 Alt image text: Mackenzie Grace wearing KENT’s organic cotton underwear made in usa bikini style.


What is one of your go-to nature escapes?

Swimming in the ocean! If I'm ever in a funk, overwhelmed with work or the state of the world, I know that taking some time for myself by swimming in the ocean will help center me again. It's the perfect activity for leaving all social devices and connections behind and just completely being present with where you are.


A flower or plant you love to gift?

Over the past three years I've given my mom different fruit trees for mother's days. She has such a green thumb and it has been so fun to see the first fruits blossom.


If your style were a plant or flower, you’d be a….

Hmm, in the summer I might be a passionfruit or a pomegranate mostly because those are some of my favorite fruits and I just think they are so vibrant. I love how passionfruit climbs and is constantly growing in all directions.


 KENT GOTS certified organic cotton underwear hung up on clothing line to air dry.


Your favourite brief style?

I love the classic brief! It's incredibly comfortable while also still feeling feminine and sexy. When I wear them around the house with a small tee in the summer it makes me feel like I am out of a 1960s Parisian film.


 Makenzie Grace wearing KENT breathable organic cotton underwear in bikini style.


Find Makenzie on Instagram @_makenziegrace and @the_good_loop.


Featured image taken by @jewelrybymaco.