briefs for trees

To celebrate Earth Month, every order in April will plant a tree in Peru with our partner One Tree Planted. Celebrate mother earth with us, and join our mission to save the earth, one super natural basic at a time.

Why Peru?

Peru is home to the organic pima cotton, grown and woven for our beautiful briefs. We want to care for this land as much as it cares for our bums.

Planting trees in Peru helps protect, restore and reforest one of the most threatened areas in the world - the Amazon. With our partner, One Tree Planted focuses on protecting Peru’s beautifully diverse forests and restoring degraded land.


overhead image of peru tree planting

Peru is home to one of the 10 most-forested areas of any country in the world with more than half the country, approximately 260,000 square mile, covered in trees. Peru is also one of the 10 most biodiverse countries in the world, with iconic species including the Jaguar, Black Spider Monkey, the Poison Dart Frog and so many more. 


Want to plant more trees?

Add a tree (or two or three!) to your cart, and help protect and restore the Amazon forests with our trusted partner. Shop trees.