super natural scents by Routine

It's no secret at KENT that we love all things super natural. One of our founder's go-to body care brands is Routine - subtle scents, natural ingredients and good for you products that are pleasant for our skin and sniffers.


We sat down with Routine founders, Neige and Pippa, to ask them a couple of questions....


A moment(s) that inspired you to start Routine? 

Stinky pits! When we couldn’t find anything on the market that worked.


One of your go-to nature escapes? 

Our always sunny river ranch.


An everyday sustainability hack you love? 

We like to make our own dog food, so when we do, we always use the bones to make bone broth for our family.


If your style were a plant or flower, it would be…

A Christmas tree or a cactus!


Your favorite routine + why? 

Doing The Class workout because it keeps our minds and bodies in tip top (while smelling fineeeeee because of our Routine deo of course!)


Your favorite brief style (high-waist, bikini, thong, hipster) + why? 

The Hipster! Because we are dirty little hipsters.


To kick-start a clean spring, KENT and routine come to gift one winner an ENTIRE YEAR supply of natural deodorant and organic underwear. To enter, follow @routinecream + @wearkent, and enter your email here.

Winner will receive:

~ One Year Supply of Routine Natural Deodorant (3 jars + 3 sticks)

~ One Year Supply of Organic Cotton Underwear from KENT (24 briefs)