Simple Sustainable Shifts with Talea Lischetzki

Yourself in a sentence?

Hawaii-based model + content creator with a passion for sustainable fashion

Your favourite tip to someone starting the sustainable fashion journey?

Keep it simple and be gracious with yourself, one small shift a day can make a big difference. Also, educate yourself-- the more informed you are, the more empowered you are.

An everyday sustainability hack you love? 

Saving packaging to reuse at a later time: food packaging, mailing materials, bottles, jars, etc. there are infinite uses for them all.


How does your immediate environment influence how you interact with mother nature?

I grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii where the natural world is deeply ingrained in everything we do. There is great respect and honor for the land here.

One of your go-to nature escapes? 

The ocean! surfing, swimming, diving -- love it all.

A flower or plant you love to gift? I love to introduce people to adaptogenic mushrooms, there's an amazing local brand here called @malamamushrooms that has all kinds of great gift options, from mushroom blends to chocolate.

If your style were a plant or flower, you’d be …. Eucalyptus

Your favourite KENT style? bikini


woman wearing deep blue organic cotton underwear plastic free