Plants and Emotions with Khalidah Carrington

Where are you based?
I am currently based in Newburgh, NY.

How would you describe yourself, in a sentence?
I am a multi-disciplined creative being who enjoys experimenting, with different mediums, and processes.

A plant, tree or flower you love to give as a gift (or have in your home)?
I would love to give a Monstera adansonii. It’s really easy to grow, and the leaves get really big if it’s growing up a moss pole. I was given a couple over the summer, and they’ve grown about 3.5 feet since I’ve gotten them!

A moment in your life that inspired you to start illustrating, designing and shooting?
I’ve always been interested in art as a child, but it wasn’t until I got much older that I realized that there are so many things that were under the umbrella of being an artist. I would have to say my interest in graphic design and photography came around middle school. I was always in art classes but once I realized that there were so many options as a creative being, my interest in my own creativity and self expression blossomed.

I actually don’t consider myself an artist, but a creative being/visual storyteller. I don’t really like the term artist because art can not be defined with one simple term or label. And because I do so many different things, I’ve found it limiting to label myself as such.

Where do you look for inspiration?
All around me! I draw inspiration from many aspects of my life. Plants, emotions, places, people. Every moment is a moment to learn and draw inspiration from. You just have to focus enough!

What does sustainability or conscious living mean to you?
Everything! I feel as if the world as whole was more sustainable we would be far better off than we are now. I go out of my way to live sustainably and consciously. Whether it’s recycling, or repurposing and even composting. I try to incorporate sustainability in every aspect of life. Most people think that it’s hard, or expensive, but it’s actually not! And if you make it an important part of your life, you’ll feel better and make better choices about what you're consuming, and putting out into the world.

What is one of your go-to nature escape(s)?
My favorite nature escape is currently the little beaches along the Hudson in Beacon. They’re the best place to get away from the craziness of life!

What is one daily action we can take to help restore mother earth?
Being more sustainable!

What advice would you give to someone starting in their artistic journey?
Just keep going. It’s gonna be hard, and sometimes you’ll suck, but if you trust yourself and trust your journey, you’ll come out on top!

What is your go-to brief style?
In the winter time, I really love wearing high waisted briefs. Most of my pants are high waisted so it just feels good underneath a nice pair of jeans. In the summer, my go-to style is a thong. They’re versatile and you can wear them with literally anything!