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KENT briefs have been clean since day one - 100% free of pesticides, toxins and plastics - but we know we’re not the only ones in your drawer. In time for spring, KENT presents the ultimate decluttering and detoxifying guide for your underwear drawer.

Studies show wearing synthetic materials can cause rashes, bacterial and yeast infection growth and also keeping everyday underwear longer than one year can do the same. Ugh! We’re here to help solve that.

two week pack

Never be out of clean underwear again. Our Two Week Pack is designed to be the foundation for a clean, happy underwear drawer. Find just the right mix of bikinis, high-waist briefs and thongs in core colours. Shop the Two Week, 14 pairs for $12.50/pair or, opt for our Full Week.

Available for a limited time, March 23 - 31.

Ships April 26.

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recycle club

Cleanse your underwear drawer and keep mother earth clean too! Only 1% of clothing is recycled, and the rest ends up in landfill. Help divert underwear waste and recycle your old briefs past their prime. Recycling reduces carbon footprint, air pollution, water usage and energy.

Purchase a shipping label and send briefs to our recycling partner - and get $10 off a future purchase. Win-Win-Win!

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why organic

Traditional detoxes focus on clean, organic food - welcome to the first detox program for clean, organic underwear.

Swapping out synthetic briefs that are past their prime for organic cotton comfy goodness not only benefits your body, but also the planet.

organic pima cotton

~ Absorbent, moisture wicking and breathable

~ Naturally hypoallergenic

~ Toxic free

~ 87% less water use* 

~ 45% less CO2 emissions*

~ Zero micro-plastic shedding during laundry

*compared to conventional cotton