GRAZIA: Best eco ways to get rid of old clothes



From vintage Coach bags to compostable underwear, check out these brand's unique ways of repurposing your beloved wardrobe



Spring has sprung! And it’s out with the c-old and in with the new. Now’s the perfect time of year to do a closet clean out, but as you amass piles of clothes, you may be wondering, “What should I do with these clothes?” 

Many brands you know and love now have buyback options where you can return old clothes back to their original homes and give them a second life (in exchange for a little cash or store credit). We’re rounding up some of our favorites that stand out from the rest thanks to the innovative ways they recycle and repurpose what has already been created. 

Oscar de la Renta is taking decades-old gowns and renewing them, Levi’s has brought denim fully full circle by designing the classic 501’s to be recyclable through organic cotton and pre-loved recycled denim. Innovators like Swedish Stockings are taking your old pantyhose and turning them into tables (yes, tables), while Kent has designed completely compostable underwear.

From luxe to contemporary, we rounded up the best buyback programs and alternative ways to shop sustainably. 

Alternative Undergarments

If you’re looking to shop sustainable undergarments, Swedish Stockings and Kent both provide avant-garde way to repurpose your the items when it’s time to restock.

Kent Underwear

Plant-based, all-natural, zero-chemicals underwear brand, Kent, has produced the first-ever verified compostable underwear. Yes, you read that correctly! Kent underwear is designed to be composted and will be broken down in about 90 days, as Kent’s website states.

Now, if you do not have access to composting, you can join Kent’s Compost Club and Kent will compost your old briefs on your behalf. By joining and participating in the Compost Club, you will get $10 towards your next pair of underwear. 

Perhaps some of your clothes have overstayed their welcome in your closet, now you know how pieces can find a new life in someone else’s closet… or be made into a table!