The 5-Minute Underwear Drawer Detox

Spring is just around the corner and one of our favorite rituals is getting clean. From swapping winter clothes for warmer options to organizing cupboards and closets, we love spring cleaning as a chance to reset. One place that’s often overlooked? The underwear drawer.

If a cluttered, mixed-match mash-up of underwear that’s who-knows-how-old sounds familiar, you’re not alone! Aside from old briefs, the majority of underwear today is made from toxic, petrochemical-based materials (think: spandex, nylon, elastane) that are proven to cause rashes, bacterial and yeast infections. Ugh!

We’re here to help solve that.

Swapping out synthetic briefs that are past their prime for organic cotton comfy goodness not only benefits your body, but also the planet.
 While KENT briefs have been clean since day one — 100% free of pesticides, toxins and plastics — but we know we’re not the only ones in your drawer. Here’s the ultimate guide to detox your underwear drawer in 5 minutes (or less!). detox to refresh your drawers.
Pull out your underwear drawer and empty it fully on your dresser, bed, table or floor — anywhere you have space to shuffle things about.
Check the tag on your underwear, looking specifically for the materials that make it up. Keep those that are 100% cotton (bonus points for organic) or you have had for less than a year.

Make 2 piles, those you’re keeping and those you’re cleansing. Not sure? If a brief has a broken or loose elastic, holes (which can capture bacteria) or is something you haven’t reached for in the last 6 months, it may be time to heave ho.
Start anew with briefs that are better for your bum and the planet.

Top choice? Choose 100% organic cotton briefs. Shop KENT’s Full Week Pack of 7 briefs or limited edition Two Week Pack of 14 briefs.

And don’t forget to keep the packaging!
Our newly launched Recycle Club makes it easy to dispose of your old briefs. Sign-up for the club, get a free return shipping label and pop your ready-to-recycle briefs into your KENT packaging.

We’ve partnered with Marimole as our textile recycling partner to make it easy for you to dispose of your old briefs to reduce waste diverted to landfills. It’s a win-win-win!
Fall in love with your underwear drawer again with a tidy assortment of KENT undies that look as good as they feel.
Looking to get extra tidy?
Take a peek at how we recommend folding your new briefs.


We want to see what your newly refreshed underwear drawer looks like!

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