mums for mums

As part of our journey to restoring mother earth, we're including a packet of mums to celebrate mums with every order until Sunday May 8th.


For Mother's Day 2022, our seeds are the bright flowering Chrysanthemum Garland Daisy, or Mums. These pretty two-tone bright yellow flowers are non-GMO and heirloom quality, made in the US. They are edible too! Pretty in your kitchen and in the garden.
How to Grow Your Mums
Plant your daisy seeds this spring, directly in your outdoor garden or indoors.
Soil ~ Plant them in soil about 1/8" deep. 
They will germinate within about 10-20 days.
Water ~ Keep soil moist, making sure just the top 2" stay damp.
Light ~ They prefer full sunlight in order to bloom.
Your mums will reach a height of between 24-36 inches. 
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