We are reimagining basics to be as gentle on your skin as they are on Mother Earth.

We’re on a mission to save the world, one super natural basic at a time. In a culture cluttered with disposable fashion, unhealthy stereotypes, and synthetic materials that are toxic to our bodies (and our planet), we work everyday to design elevated basics that will restore mother earth, one piece and one day at a time.

our purpose

At KENT, we believe looking good, feeling good and doing good can be an everyday ritual. From morning walks to reaching for your favorite pair of briefs, everyday actions can make big impact.

We've spent 3 years designing the softest, skin-approved basics so you can be comfortable with a cute bum all day long.

meet Stacy

KENT was founded by a conscious Canadian, now living in Los Angeles. It all started with the benefits of natural materials.

Having outgrown frilly, lacey and stretchy underwear of her youth, Stacy sought to find a simple pair of 100% cotton underwear that matched her simple everyday style - though find everything but.

Influenced by graduate studies in sustainability, work with start-ups disrupting the textile space and time living in Copenhagen, Stacy began designing her own natural briefs and basics

Digging further into her Canadian roots of backyard gardening and composting, she began thinking... why were the simple underwear options always super synthetic (elastane, nylon, polyester, spandex), unbreathable and infection-producing?

Why not design underwear made from natural materials that could also return to nature? Months of research, trials and fittings later, the Annual Brief was born. After speaking with over a 1,000 women about their underwear, she understood they also wanted underwear that looked as good as it felt - made from natural materials, less toxins, simpler style, no synthetics, better fit, less irritation, fewer wedgies.

So that's why we do what we do - because we believe, wearing super natural, never synthetic means we have the opportunity to look good, feel good and do good everyday.

why KENT?

Behind our name. Our name emerges from a bit of a personal story… our founder, Stacy, has always been interested in superhero mythology, and one of her favourite superheroes is Superman - the only one that takes something ‘off’ to become their super self VS. put something on. Kind of like underwear… we all have a super power underneath to help save the world, and as we say, one super natural brief at a time.

made for good mornings

Mornings can be rough, underwear shouldn’t be. Our pieces are designed to bring extra cush to your tush. We’re here to help you start everyday fresh with basics that are skin and mother earth approved. From the sun to your bum, start everyday with smile.

we're fit obsessed

We believe clothing should complement, rather than constrict, the natural human body. With feedback on thousands of wears, findings from our Quick Fit Quiz, and hundreds of hours by our design team, we created three insanely comfortable underwear styles to complement all body types.

soft meet sustainable

Our products are made of the highest quality natural, organic materials. Not just organic cotton, organic pima cotton. Grown in Peru, pima cotton makes up only 2% of the world’s cotton and organic pima is even more rare (less than 1%!). It’s extra-long fibers are twice the length of regular cotton, giving rise to its recognition as the ‘cashmere of cotton’. This GOTS-certified material is free of pesticides and traditional toxins found in our underwear, giving your bum the perfect combination of soothing, softness and superior breathability.

a new standard in organic innovation

Our designers, researchers and sustainability experts have spent hours studying the benefits of natural, organic materials and creating products based on real people’s needs. The result? A line of plantable basics (and packaging) made exclusively from 100% organic, plant-based fibers and materials that not only come from nature but can return to nature as a resource.

we make buying briefs a breeze

Shopping for basics should be as breezy as your favorite pair of briefs. From our always available Fit Team to help you get the best briefs for your bum, to our easy Quick Fit Quiz to find your style, we want you to feel comfy as quick as possible.

we’re cleaning up a cluttered industry

We want everyone to feel cushy and clean from the moment a pair of briefs is pulled on. From simple silhouettes and clutter free drawers, to gentle materials and biodegradable innovation, we’re creating everyday ways to restore mother earth - one basic at a time.