Sustainable Style and Social Justice with Aditi Mayer

Where are you based?
Los Angeles, California.
How would you describe yourself in a sentence?
I'm a sustainable fashion blogger, photojournalist, and labor rights activist whose work explores the intersections between style, sustainability, and social justice.
A moment in your life that inspired you to start storytelling on decolonizing fashion and sustainability?
The Rana Plaza Factory Collapse in Rana Plaza catalyzed my journey in the sustainable fashion space; it led me to think critically about the politics of labor and environmental justice.
What are some of your favourite tips to someone starting their 'sustainable fashion' journey?
Do a closet audit – it basically means to reorient yourself with all the things that you own (this often goes hand in hand with a closet cleaning session). In doing this, you can rediscover pieces you already own (the most sustainable thing you have is what you already own!), and you can also get a feel with the pieces that define your personal style.
With these parameters in mind, you're able to be more intentional about your consumption – ask yourself, what do I really need? Is this purchase solely trend-driven, or will it align with my greater style philosophy? Does it go with the pieces in my closet? And more!
What is an everyday sustainability ‘hack’ you love?
I love composting! In nature, there is no concept of waste; the fact that I'm able to take my food waste and turn it into rich soil is a personal sustainability fave.
Where do you see the most work to be done in the fashion industry?
There are so many fronts, but I think we need a cognitive shift that ensures that labor justice is part of our definitions of "sustainability." I also think we need a great deal of focus on the environmental impact of fashion on a textile level – regenerative fashion is possible when we frame fashion as a product of agriculture, enact biodiverse farming practices, pursue fibers that are native to a specific location and ecology, and more!
What is your favourite brief style?
I've always been a high-waist gal for its comfort!
What is one of your go-to nature escapes?
I'm lucky to have a lovely backyard garden which is always a space for a brief respite and cultivating sustenance and joy.
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