Sun and Sand with Erin Taylor Guerrero

Yourself in a sentence?
I am a wanderer, always looking for a new experience or perspective to just soak up.
What inspired and led you to your current career?
My love for creating was always there, however I was inspired by strong empowering women along the way which helped me get to where I am today.
What is a “must do” part of your morning routine?
I must say good morning/kiss my husband and my two bunnies – if I don’t it’s not a good morning! Also I must drink my matcha…it’s a ritual at this point.
What do you think about when you get dressed?
I used to always think about how bloated I looked that day, but now I just think about the lovely comfy clothes that I’m putting on my body.
How do you stay connected with nature?
This is huge for me because I’m from the mountains where I grew up barefoot, outside 24/7. Now that I’m in the city I go bathe in the sun at my favorite cove a lot, or visit parks, or go camping with my husband and stargaze all night.
When do you feel at your most natural?
I feel my most natural self alone by the water – any body of water. I feel calm and clear, free of any side thoughts or distractions from myself and of course swimming alone feels so pure and natural to me.
One of your favourite things to do in your underwear?
Dance! Play my favourite songs and sing and dance in the mirror to myself!
Your go-to nature escape?
Camping. Desert-mountains-beach you name it! Camping anywhere! If I need to get away or for my birthdays or just to do something with friends, camping is the go to. I have to escape city life sometimes!
What are you looking forward to most in 2021?
I’m looking forward to spending more time with close ones, achieving goals I’ve set, see/exploring more and making more memories with my soulmate.
If your style were a flower, it would be…
Find Erin on Instagram at @edina.taylor.