in conversation with: Izzy Stern

Where are you based?

I’m currently based in the Hudson Valley, in upstate New York.

How would you describe yourself, in a sentence?

I am a creative-minded, gentle-spirited freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator with an appreciation for nature, passion for travel and a love for all things cozy. 
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A plant, tree or flower you love to give as a gift (or have in your home)?

Fresh cut flowers. I have been loving creating bouquets of wildflowers or flowers from the garden each week. It’s another creative outlet and such a nice way to track the changing seasons. There’s something about fresh flowers that makes any space seem brighter and happier. I think bouquets make such a nice gift, and feels a bit like a luxury for someone who wouldn't normally buy themselves flowers. 

Where do you look for inspiration?

I gather inspiration from so many places; from fashion to art, but my surroundings and my travels have the biggest impact on my work. I am inspired by the colors and mood of certain places I've been, and the natural aspects of those places. I am constantly looking through my camera roll of photos I've taken, grabbing different flowers, color palettes, and subjects from past trips and drawing ideas from that. My creative headspace is best on rainy days, when the colors outside are more saturated and everything feels calm. I love the cozy feeling, stillness and lack of distractions that rainy days bring, and this atmosphere is reflected in a lot of my illustration work.

What is one of your go-to nature escape(s)?

The forest. I grew up in the woods, so being surrounded by trees always brings me comfort. 
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What is one daily action we can take to help restore mother earth?

Something that I have been thinking about recently that harms mother earth is geotagging specific locations in nature on social media. When we tag beautiful and secluded places, it causes them to become overrun with large crowds leading to overuse, littering and eventual destruction of the integrity of what makes these places so special. 

What does sustainable or / conscious living mean to you?

I think it’s important to ask myself where the items I'm buying are coming from, especially when it comes to food or clothes; making intentional decisions about what I’m consuming helps me live a more sustainable life. Of course this isn't always attainable for everyone to do 100% of the time, but even small steps toward this kind of thinking makes a difference. 


I like them all, but I’d say bikini! I’m all about comfort and I think the perfect bikini is the most flattering for my body.  
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All photos by Margrit Wenzel