from cotton to compost: the making of a biodegradable brief

GROW: Cotton Organically grown in coastal valleys 

We’ve partnered with Peruvian-Swedish owned company at the forefront of  the global organic cotton movement because of their use of organic methods in regenerative agriculture, pest control and textile processing. Not only are they the first Latin American company to get GOTS certified for their entire production chain (from the field to the finished garment), they also work with local farmers that own their land, supporting over 160 families across 3 Peruvian valleys. 

WEAVE: Woven in Lima, Peru 

In addition to being our lauded organic cotton producers, our partners in Peru  also weave our organic pima cotton fabric. They are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), USDA, European Union and the Fair Trade Enterprises. These certifications are important to ensure that we’re able to trace the organic cotton’s path and that ethical standards are upheld at every production touch point along the supply chain - Taken together, these certifications and associated auditing and guidelines ensure that all involved processes and people are treated fairly and with respect for the environment. 

SEW: Designed, cut and sewn in Los Angeles, California 

We work with a family-owned business (95% women) with over 20+ years of experience in LA to cut and sew our briefs. All brief materials are fully biodegradable - from the fabric, thread, elastic and label. Plus, we pre-wash the underwear with water only (to avoid the use of synthetic softeners). 

WEAR: Reach for your KENT’s every morning 

Our promise of doing well for the environment extends to the steps we take to get KENT briefs to you. Our packaging (the mailer, inner pouch and pouch sticker) are all fully compostable. Even the adhesives that we use are eco-friendly! You don’t need to worry because when you wear your KENT briefs - you’ll look good, feel good and do good for the planet. Bonus - we now offer carbon neutral shipping so you can online shop while being eco-conscious. 

COMPOST: #PlantYourPants 

As part of our commitment to enabling a closed loop economy, all KENT underwear are fully compostable. When you’re done with your briefs, simply cut them into strips and toss them into your compost bin, garden or your local composting center (ask them first ;). We’ve partnered with LA Compost to trial the length of compost time and also become the first official certified compostable underwear. Visit back soon for updates! 

ENRICH: Back to Earth 

KENT briefs keep on giving even after they’re done being worn. Once they disappear into the earth, they’ll turn into humus (a nutrient-filled material) that helps soil to retain its moisture and encourages the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi. Farmers don’t need to rely on synthetic fertilizers or harmful chemicals since the soil is better equipped to withstand diseases and pests. This feeds the cycle - helping to continue the creation and sustaining of healthy soil to grow healthy crops. 


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