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With Valentine's on the horizon, we think it's the perfect time to show ourselves (and our bums) some love. Our limited edition rose briefs are 100% organic, 100% synthetic free and 100% skin-approved.

Launching January 28

rose-colored briefs

The newest shade in our line-up is a subtle, blush pink. This delicate hue is made entirely with plant-based materials, most notably, madder root - a small flowering plant with a reddish root used as an ancient practice in textile dye. We partnered with a fellow west-coast based woman-owned business to dye.

With only 50 briefs available in this ultra limited-edition collection, as part of our commitment to avoid over-producing and unnecessary waste.

bum love <3

KENT briefs are made only with organic, natural and plant-based materials. We cut out synthetics, toxins and chemicals to allow your body (and our planet) to breathe easy and healthy. Bonus, being made with only cotton and never a blend, our briefs help prevent infection, discomfort and overheating. Win-Win-Win.

plant your pants

Every order of rose briefs come with a packet of wild rose seeds. Plant them for pretty blooms this spring. And because KENT briefs are fully compostable, plant them too when they've run their course!