Inspired by where land meets air, our upcoming colors of blue and cream celebrate the contrasting hues found in nature.

Rich Sky Blue offers a breath of fresh air and Sand is our first neutral addition - both colors created exclusively with botanical dyes extracted from nature.

The collection is made-to-order to be mindful of the planet's resources and ensure zero waste. Orders ship end of May.

preorder April 20-30


The Sky color symbolizes our commitment to keeping the air clean. Through our unique circular design, KENT briefs can be composted at end-of-life, helping to sequester carbon from the atmosphere in the process. Doing more good, even when you are done with them.

Sky is a deep, rich shade of blue inspired by the clear midnight sky found in the deserts of California. Sky is naturally dyed with indigo - one of the oldest dyes known to humankind.


The Sand earth tone was influenced by one of the world's most iconic deserts that is close to home for us - Mojave. At an expansive 20 million acres, the Mojave is home to many diverse plants and animals. Protecting deserts like the Mojave as part of our global ecosystem as a habitat for so many species.

Our light terracotta Sand shade is created naturally using avocados, also found native in California.

Made to order with botanical dyes sourced from renewable resources found in nature. With botanical dyes, we reduce the amount of harsh chemicals, toxins and colorants that would otherwise enter into the our water streams.