To celebrate Earth Month, we are launching a collection of plastic-free basics inspired by the world's water we all share.


The Seafoam color represents our commitment to keeping the oceans plastic-free. By using only plant-based materials (including our elastics!), KENT underwear and tees are free from synthetics, and microplastics. All our basics can be safely worn and washed with zero micro-plastic shedding into the ocean.

Seafoam is a vivid shade of mint green inspired by the ocean break. Seafoam is hand-made with non-toxic, low water dye, black volcanic salt, shiso leaves and fresh caught rainwater.


Coral is inspired by one of the ocean's most important features. Coral reefs protect coastlines from storms and erosion, support healthy ocean food webs, and build homes for millions of species of marine life.

Our warm Coral shade was crafted by hand with pink Himalayan sea salt, organic pale pink roses, non toxic low water, and fresh caught rainwater.

each product prevents plastic waste

Taking our plastic-free commitment a step beyond, each pre-order from The Oceans Capsule will create a 1% donation to Lonely Whale - an award-winning non-profit whose mission ensures plastic waste does not find its way into the ocean.

plastic-free + plant-able

At KENT we’re committed to making a positive impact on the planet through our products and practices. All our KENT underwear and basics are composed of organic, plant-based and plant-able (compostable) materials that do not release any microplastics or synthetic byproducts back into the environment.

hand-dyed by Audrey Louise Reynolds

Dubbed the fashion worlds artisanal dyer by the New York Times, Audrey Louise Reynolds creates natural and non-toxic dyes from natural ingredients, foraged and sourced in upstate New York. Audrey collects everything from minerals, seaweed, squid ink, coral, shells, plankton, flowers, earth to turn into natural dyes. Each piece is hand-made and unique.

Photo by: Winnie Wow

Made to order with fresh caught rainwater, nontoxic, low water dyes and renewable plant materials.