comfortable. customizable. compostable.

The industry’s first closed loop,  b2b apparel solution with a  compostable afterlife.

Impact savings per tee

2.83 lbs of CO2 

170g toxic chemicals

211 gallons of water 

0.5lbs landfill waste diverted

*compared to conventional cotton tees

Custom Digital Product ID

Connect each garment to your sustainability story, compost afterlife instructions, and logistics to divert waste, measure impact and reward behavior.

Engage and Reward

Spotlight your dedication to sustainability and invite your team or customer community to be part of a circular journey by wearing and (eventually) planting their tees at end-of-life.

Access Our Compost Club

No compost? No problem! Selected as a finalist by Fast Company's 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards, our Compost Club is the industry's first composting take back program.

Our products are home compostable too!

Why Compostable?

We're experiencing a clothing waste crisis: over 100 BILLION clothes end up in landfill annually and only 1% recycled at end-of-life.

With 2/3rds of all clothing made from plastics (fossil-fuel based synthetics) they stay in landfills for 200+ years, emitting methane and carbon dioxide.

We work hard to ensure your branded apparel will not only reduce landfill waste, but be repurposed to become new soil and sequester carbon from the atmosphere in its afterlife.

Composting offers a grassroots solution that works with nature’s natural recycling process, requiring zero electricity, energy or chemicals.