What if your tops could create future crops?

Meet our new super natural basic - the CROP Top. Made from 100% plant-based and natural ingredients. Designed to be fully compostable at end of life, creating nutrient-rich soil that feeds future plants. 🌱

the big problem

While t-shirts have become one of the most popular clothing styles, over 60% end up in landfill. When they end up in landfill, t-shirts generate greenhouse methane gas and leach toxic chemicals and dyes into the groundwater and soil.

We looked to mother nature for design inspiration and a circular solution to help create a positive impact when our Tops time are up.

Meet the CROP Top.

our circular solution

Our CROP Tops are made from the earth, designed to return to earth when their time is up. By using exclusively plant-based materials that are non-toxic, certified organic and renewable, we not only help create cleaner clothing for our bodies but also a cleaner planet. When composted, our Tops sequester carbon, restore our soil and feed future crops.

A new kind of circular solution design from the earth and back again.

lightweight & cooling

certified organic

compostable afterlife

wear slow, long-lasting

made in California

cashmere soft

what's in our tees?

earth positive

Our basics are designed to have a positive after life when their time is up.

Regenerative clothing with a compostable after life, the CROP Top creates a new kind circular system to help close the loop on waste, capture carbon and reverse climate change.

cooling organic cotton

Made with 100% GOTS certified organic pima cotton for oh so soft everyday comfort. Lightweight and breathable, our Crop Tops are naturally cooling with a relaxed fit.

styles that save

☁ 8.6 lbs of carbon dioxide savings

💧 643 gal. of water savings

🍃 530g chemicals saved

compared to conventional cotton & traditional clothing production practices

no compost? no problem!

Join our Compost Club - the fashion industry's first - and we'll compost your KENT basics when their time is up! Sequester carbon, help reverse climate change and receive a credit for your next KENT piece.

Win-Win-WIn 💚