Make Black Friday *Green* with us.

We love a good savings, like we love the earth. Opting for better materials and production practices mean we save all year long - on water, waste, chemicals and emissions. Rather slashing our prices, we're celebrating sustainable savings. Discover how right here.

wear slow, compost fast

(and why we're not on sale)

We work hard to have stable, fair prices year round. Asking you to shop in a hurry is not part of our DNA. Our prices represent a commitment to creating fair, ethical and super natural products that will stand the test of time today, and tomorrow. When their lifecycle does eventually come to a close, feel good knowing when you compost your KENT it will return back to earth as nutrient rich soil.

better for the planet basics

Each KENT underwear saves:

💧 184 gallons water

💨 4 tons CO2 emissions

🚫 3kg chemicals

On average, compared to traditional clothing practices.

🌱 All while absorbing CO2 at end-of-life when composted.

Plus, made better for bums.

materials matter

All materials used in our tees and briefs are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, grown on a regenerative farm in Peru - without the use of pesticides and GMO's - and with certified fair trade practices.

free carbon free shipping

Instead of a sale, we're giving free carbon neutral shipping on all orders placed Black Friday through Giving Tuesday. No code needed!