in conversation with: Reem Jazi

Where are you based?

I’m based in Toronto, Ontario. But I don’t plan on staying here for much longer. 

How would you describe yourself, in a sentence?

A woman who’s dedicated to disrupting her established patterns of thinking so that she can open her mind to new worldviews, possibilities and experiences. 

Reem Jazi, owner of Yesterday Wellness.

A plant, tree or flower you love to give as a gift (or have in your home)?

Fresh eucalyptus. The scent enters the room in such a beautiful, yet subtle way. 

A moment in your life that inspired you to start yesterday?  

A few years ago I started to experience health complications that began manifesting in my skin, mainly on my face, and I became extremely sensitive to all of the generic products I had used my whole life. It sucked, a lot. My skin looked and felt terrible but the worst part for me was that I knew it had deeper implications for my health. It was the moment in my life that nudged me into adopting a more holistic approach to my health. For me, this meant ditching the chemicals and making the switch to all natural ingredients, both internally and externally. Plant medicine was just the next step. Nothing has ever worked for me as well as natural remedies have, so it’s been a real honour to share that with people who need it. Especially those who have never considered taking a more natural approach to healing. 
Yesterday CBD wellness products

Where do you look for inspiration?

I’ve come to learn that I’m inspired most by the things that come to me naturally. Any time I find myself in a situation in which there is pressure to find inspiration, my efforts always fall short. Sometimes inspiration comes to me in the natural world, other times from the pages of a book, a photograph, my dreams. The sources are endless, if you’re open to receiving. 

What does sustainability / conscious living mean to you?

I find that conscious living can be such an unnecessarily complicated topic. To me, conscious living means taking the time to think about your actions and the effect they have in the long run. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to start living more sustainably is to rely less on convenience. Opt for a reusable container instead of a ziploc baggie. Hang dry your clothing. It’s in the little things that you often don’t, but should, think twice about. 
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What is one of your go-to nature escape(s)?

My favourite nature escape of all time was in the rainforests of Bali. Sarinbuana Eco Lodge. The spiders were gnarly, though.  

What is one daily action we can take to help restore mother earth?

Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth. 

What advice would you give to someone starting in their sustainability journey?

Be kind to yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others who have been taking steps towards greater sustainability for much longer than you have. Everyone has their own unique timing in life, and if you start with baby steps, you’ll be more likely to stay committed. 

What is your go-to brief style?

Bikini all day. Being cozy is my #1 priority. I love a good high waist but sometimes I don’t want that added coverage on my belly.  
Reem Jazi of Yesterday Wellness CBD oil wearing KENT cotton underwear for sensitive skin