How to find the best brief for your bum

Underwear is the start to most of our days - the foundation to living our best life. It moves with our every twist, turn and shift. There are a ton of options that exist from thong to boy short and various materials that they’re made from. We’ll break down our many underwear options and how  to discover the best fit for your bum shape. 

Common Styles of Underwear 


The perfect option if you want to avoid any visible panty lines, especially when wearing body-fitting clothes like yoga pants. The thong provides very little coverage. 


If you’re looking for more back coverage and a high cut leg, the bikini style is perfect. 


Just like the name says, these briefs hug at your hips. They’re low rise, sit just below your waistline and provide modest back coverage. 


Another great option for invisible panty lines. Plus, they come in a variety of cuts. However, beware that the majority, if not all, seamless undies are made of 100% synthetic materials and are not ideal for letting your body (or our planet) breathe.

Boy shorts 

Deemed the “feminine version of men’s boxer short” - the boy short gives the most coverage from front to back. 


Keep your whole tummy covered with a high-waist line and extra movement from the high-cut leg. We love this style for smoothing out and wearing under high-rise denim, skirts, dresses or just to hop around the house. The ultimate in comfort.

Let’s Talk Fabric 


This natural textile is hands down the most comfortable option (as also backed by science). It’s soft, breathable and absorbent - making it so much healthier for your body. Plus, at KENT we use the most luxurious of all cotton options - organic pima cotton. 


This luxurious fabric helps regulate body temperature and has natural moisture-wicking properties. 


(think: nylon, spandex, elastane)

Probably the most common fabric to find - it’s moisture wicking, quick drying and holds its shape (which is why it’s used in shapewear!). *Caution* - synthetics don’t breathe, are petroleum-based and shed microplastics when washed.


More than just an elegant style, it can be soft, stretchy and comfortable. Plus, it comes in a variety of cuts. We recommend choosing 100% cotton lace where possible.

Let’s Figure out your Bum Shape 


If you have a more pear-shaped body, it’s likely you have an a-shaped bum. You’ll notice that you’re curvier in the thigh area and your butt widens just below the hip bones. Your preferred underwear styles include the bikini or boy short - for optimal comfort. 


Round butts are perk and fill in appearance due to the immense volume on the cheeks and side of the butt. You’re going to want some extra coverage and to avoid wedgies, try a bikini or thong brief. 


You’ll notice a “V” shape when looking at your bum from behind. Check to see if the line between your pelvis and hips angles inward. The v-shaped bum is especially popular if you have broad shoulders and narrow hips. Try briefs with a lower-cut leg low in the style of the classic brief, boy short, hipster or bikini. 

Upside-down heart 

With upside-down heart butts, you’ll notice that you have more fat or volume in your butt towards the lower parts of your hips and upper thigh. Your perfect underwear style are classic briefs, bikini or hipsters. 


Take a look at the line between your hip bone and outer thigh. Is it perpendicular (forms a 90-degree angle) to the ground? You’ve got a square butt. You’re gonna love our bikini or thong brief, they’re both comfortable and flattering. 

We believe that ultimate comfort starts with your underwear. If you’re still not sure about what style best fits your bum shape, try our “Quick Fit Quiz” to discover your best KENT brief fit.