Composting 101 with Monique from CompostableLA

Where are you based?
Los Angeles, California
How would you describe yourself in a sentence?
I’m a fiercely loyal, change-affecting goofball who above all else values comfort, community, and ice cream.
Why did you start CompostableLA?
I founded CompostableLA because I saw a lack of accessible composting resources in my community. I wanted to help everyone feel like they have an option to compost, no matter what their lifestyle or personal obstacles may be.
What do you love most about composting?
I believe that composting is one of the most impactful and accessible means an individual can have on combating climate change. The ripple effects are numerous and it’s something anyone can do!
What tips would you provide to someone at the beginning of their composting journey?
Start by talking to someone who composts! Ask those initial questions you’ve been wondering about. Be honest with them about what’s holding you back. Anyone who composts can help support someone who is interested in starting.
What have been the most challenging parts of starting CompostableLA?
Navigating the legal regulations around hauling waste — there’s a lot to unpack there. I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly so I could support the Community Composting movement in Los Angeles.
How do you measure your impact?
We track metrics in several different ways: how many members we have, how many pounds of material we’ve collected, how much soil we’ve created. I think my favorite measure to look at is the amount we’ve composted in relation to the amount of members we have. It’s inspiring to see how each individual household adds up to this massive collective impact.
What is an everyday sustainability 'hack' you love?
Capturing the water as your shower is heating up. It’s as simple as placing a bucket under the faucet! It can save gallons each day that you then use to water your plants, give to your pets, or even use in your toilet bowl.
Monique Figueiredo - CEO, Founder, Co-Owner of CompostableLA
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