Compostable Organic Cotton Crop 'Crop' Top


lightweight & cooling

certified organic

compost at end-of-life

wear slow - soft & strong

made in California

cashmere soft

what's in our tees?

super natural, never synthetic

Designed entirely of plant-based materials, KENT tops are guaranteed free from synthetics (spandex, nylon, elastane, polyester), plastics and micro-plastics, chemicals, and synthetic dyes and softeners.

from the earth, and back again

Meet the world’s first verified compostable clothing brand. Introducing 100% organic, plant-based and plant-able garments that are made by nature and designed to return to nature when their time is up. Our plant-based designs mean old clothes will return back to earth as a resource when composted or planted, feeding the soil and growing new plants (or future pants).

cashmere of cotton

KENT basics are made with 100% GOTS certified organic pima cotton - the longest-staple of cotton in the world making it stronger and softer than conventional cotton. It uses 87% less water and creates 45% less CO2 than conventional cotton.

non-toxic, natural dyes

We use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) dyes for our core colors of cloud white and charcoal black. For our small batch colors, we use natural, plant-based dyes made from fruits, flowers, minerals and spices. All KENT colors are free from toxins and are naturally biodegradable and compostable.