Organic Cotton Hipster

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07 Mar 2023
United States United States

Great underwear

These are made of the best cotton, very soft. Also very well made and comfortable- I forget I have them on which is my main requirement for underwear. Although I have a drawer full of undies, I always want to wear these.

21 Feb 2023
United States United States


In other brands I’m a solid medium and these size large are way too small with tight, uncomfortable elastic bands. They’re nothing special and overpriced. If you really want to compost your underwear, buy a different brand of 100% cotton and rip out the elastic before composting.

27 Jan 2023
United States United States

I’m a likin’ my pants

Ordered 4 pair of the hipsters. Wasn’t so sure I was going to like the elastic around the legs. Seemed a bit snug at the beginning. Lo and behold they are comfy! Love the fact these pants are 100% organic cotton and compostable. Yay for the environment!

19 Jan 2023
United States United States

Want to love them!

I appreciate everything about the workings of the company (being a co-op would be even more amazing!). I want to love the underwear too ~ they're just a bit too constricting/not flexible enough for me. But they're still my #2 go-to pair right now.

03 Jan 2023

Love but…

I love the material and the fact that it’s made clean, and all the fun colors. But, for me, the stitching is just too much on all the styles (even the thong). It cuts into my skin, even though I purchased size L. it is not small on me per se, but because of stitching, it feels that it is. The hipster I cannot wear. It cuts so much in my legs, and I do not have thick legs. I ordered L in hipster as well as all other styles, and the hipster is a no go (too bad since I do like the style). I really like the company’s presentation and the feel of the underwear, but I think they need to see if they can make the stitching softer and more seamless. Of course, you can see all the styles (even thong) under clothes (even jeans) as well, which is a bummer. Nevertheless, I bought all the styles and for reference I am 5’11 at 155 pounds, size L in Kent. Also, please make boyshorts with smoother stitching though. Also, bought the crop top and it is so soft and a fun fit… I got L but could fit in a M but was concerned it would be too short.

super natural, never synthetic

Designed entirely of plant-based materials, KENT briefs are guaranteed free from synthetics (spandex, nylon, elastane, polyester), plastics and micro-plastics, chemicals, and synthetic dyes and softeners.

from the earth, and back again

Meet the world’s first verified compostable underwear. Introducing 100% organic, plant-based and plant-able briefs that are made by nature and designed to return to nature in 90 days. Our plant-based designs mean old briefs will return back to earth as a resource when composted or planted, feeding the soil and growing new plants (or future pants).

cashmere of cotton

KENT underwear are made with 100% GOTS certified organic pima cotton - the longest-staple of cotton in the world making it stronger and softer than conventional cotton. It uses 87% less water and creates 45% less CO2 than conventional cotton.

non-toxic, natural dyes

We use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) dyes for our core colors of cloud white and charcoal black. For our small batch colors, we use natural, plant-based dyes made from fruits, flowers, minerals and spices. All KENT colors are free from synthetics and are naturally biodegradable and compostable.